Silver Creek is one of those places that heaven is supposed to include. Abundant fish (Rainbows & Browns), wadeable all year long, epic hatches, beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife (moose, hawks, sandhill cranes and more). If you have not been to this trophy spring water stream, you need to before you die. And best of all, it is a place where you can deeply engage with nature and come out a better person.

The 6 Hour Float

Get your float tube out and travel through untouched water as you pass by the ranches of the local farmers.

Sliver Creek West - the home of the Brown Drake

Every year in late May and June the Brown Drakes hatch. It is an “off world” experience where millions of big flies hatch for one day a year. Fishermen from a around the world come here to see this magic hatch and land big Browns and Rainbows.

River Bend with Moose

Look closely, there is a moose on the left feeding as the people in the canoe approach.

Meet my son Ray Jr. He is the one that got me to come up to Silver Creek. Ray lives in Ketchum, ID and is a photographer and avid fly fisherman.

You never really know what will work fly fishing. When there is a hatch, matching is the key. When it is windy, try terrestrials. Then when nothing is on, nymphs and San Juan worms.

Ray J’s just landed his third fish. While the Browns are on the bottom, Ray is fishing on top for the active Rainbows.

Silver Creek in All It's Glory

Silver Creek Brown

Silver Creek West at Sunset