As a strategic sales consultant,

my goal is to find unique business strategies to deliver your company a

dynamic competitive advantage.

iBA Creative Business Model

  • Create dynamic business strategies that lead to new products, new markets, and new customers

  • Improve company’s sales results through better sales messaging and structured sales processes

  • Develop business situational marketing messages that will be remembered and create action while improving ROI of marketing expenditures





What they are saying…

Ray was instrumental in focusing our messaging hierarchy and providing strategic tools to help the team on deliver the best results for our clients.

…Founder, The Design House

Ray brings strategic sales insight to our business and helps our team deliver laser-focused messaging on developing win/win sales programs for our clients.

…CEO, American-Pharma (PharmaWatch)

As a Prosperity Organics Board Member, Ray, though his 40 years of sales and marketing experience, brings valuable insights to our Melt packaging design and sales business model.

…CEO, Prosperity Organics

We needed an impactful name and URL for our new fitness studio and Ray made the process easy and the results were exceptional. Our Lagree fitness studio is now CoreStrong Studio!

…Founder, CoreStrong

Specialties: Efficient marketing, goal-attaining sales, brand building, art direction, creating impact statements, building effective teams, recognizing and capitalizing competitive advantages.




“If you don’t lead, you follow and run the risk of letting others lead you down the wrong path.” RJG

I am a husband and father. An avid outdoorsman, a golf junkie, and a great friend. In business, I make things happen and bring in results. I motivate, manage and I train employees to a fault.

I have a degree in psychology/marketing and have sold to companies around the world. I started in the world’s oldest profession, no—, not prostitution—the food industry and jumped into the high-tech industry and back. I’ve worked for Borden Foods and H.J. Heinz…was the president of a small high-tech telecommunication’s firm, president of a marketing and design agency and Chief Marketing Officer of a CPG company. Today, I am a creative consultant focused on increasing business sales and developing marketing strategies.

I’ve captained a center-mounted ore raft down class 3 & 4 rapids, sailed a 50′ sailboat in the Caribbean and hiked over 25 high altitude lakes in the Sun Valley/Stanley area. I enjoy fly-fishing and have caught salmon, trout, sailfish, marlin, bonefish and more on all different types of equipment including balloons and kites. Unfortunately, I am still on a quest to catch a tarpon.

My best sport is skiing and I can even keep up with my kids. I love powder—8” and 18 degrees is my mantra—and I can’t get enough bumps in on any given day. I have a passion for golf and have one hole-in-one in the bank. I’m a partner in Hall Wines, Napa, CA, a photographer, a frame maker and a collector of Peter Lik and Nick Brandt photos. I listen and learn everything I can about stocks and macro trends and take calculated risks to make money—a lot of money.

I love my wife and kids with all I can offer and wish the world peace!




Ray Gadd

Founder iBA Creative

2388 E. Table Rock Road

Boise ID 83712