Pam & I just flew in from Boise and when you come to NYC, you can become overwhelmed. It was a beautiful afternoon and I had just the right thing to do. Instead of attending a Broadway play, I decided to take her all over Manhattan via twilight cruise. We jumped on the Gray Line at Pier 78 and immersed ourselves in the a unique NYC experience.

As you leave the pier, you see the ferries shuttling commuters around Manhattan, over to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey. Also, on the waterfront is Chelsea Pier. Here you can see the driving range that sharpens golfers in the steel city.

The New York skyline is more amazing than ever with the addition of Freedom Tower.

Going around the tip of Manhattan, you really get the feeling that it is an island. With the ferries and bridges, this is one of the most amazing islands in the world.

In color or in black & white, the Brooklyn Bridge is a site for sore eyes.

Here you see the Williamsburg bridge, just one more bridge that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. This area is going through regentrification. With the commitment to make NY safe for people to live, real estate is appreciating and allowing the investment to make the waterfront livable again. Here the Domino Sugar factory that used to process cane sugar is being preserved and turning into retail and living space.

Lady Liberty in all her glory shines over Manhattan.

This is Ellis Island where all the immigrant that came from afar entered America legally.

When you go to NYC and your overwhelmed with all the things to do and your blessed with a nice day, make sure you take the time for a boat tour. You will never forget the experience.