The Early Years

In the beginning

Dark…that was my first impression of life. It was dark. The second was…what’s all that kicking? Then, the licking, the touching — what’s up? If this is what you call birth, I want to go back. It’s dark and cold. I hear noises.

I was the first-born. All that means is that I got the first shot of milk from my mom. And that was the best. No one to bug me — just me and all that milk. But then, another came and another and another. I was not alone. At the end, I had 5 other brothers. Yes, just brothers. No nice sisters to comfort me. Just brothers to fight with! And because of just 6 boys, the names us after a group of movie stars called the Rat Pack — Frankie, Sammy, Peter, Joey, Dino &

At the end, I had 5 brothers. Yes, just brothers. No nice sisters to comfort me. Just brothers to fight with! And because of just boys, they named us after a group of movie stars called the Rat Pack — Frankie, Sammy, Peter, Joey, Dino & Boggie.



Oh, and my name is Francis, Albert, Oliver, Sinatra, Gadd but everyone calls me Frankie.

Pleased to meet you!

Once upon a time, there was a loving family that had a Golden Doodle that was one of the kindest, friendliest, loving pets any family could have. She was named after a beautiful, blonde movie star named Marilyn Monroe but my parents called her Norma Jean.

Norma is my mom. She is pretty cool. She is real smart. She can sit, roll over, fetch. Her favorite thing to do besides eating is swimming but not just swimming — she is a world-class diver.

One day my people dad took her to his office and he took this photo of her. I am so proud of my mom!



My dad, Oliver, is an award-winning standard poodle. His life was a lot like my family’s. He was the proud papa of many poodles and his family grew to a total of seven. When it was time to eat, you ate fast or someone would steal your food — but only the good stuff.

As you can see, Oliver is a beautiful dog. His people parents are really cool. They got this great idea that instead of cutting his hair, they would twist it. When Oliver runs, it is like watching a wave floating through the air.

Living with 5 other brothers sounds like a lot of fun except when you want to sleep. As young puppies, we were always looking for warmth. We would squeeze and wiggle into the middle of the pack to get just the right spot. And usually, once you found it, one of the gang would try and steal it from you.

While I love all my brothers, Dino was always the wiggliest when he was dreaming. He would twitch and jump and bump me all the time when I was trying to sleep. So to get back at him, I would lay over his neck with my mouth next to his ear and “wait for it” …lick, lick, lick. He would jump up and I would steal his warm space.

Did I tell you that we were born on Thanksgiving Day? Like most days, it was cold and grey but I really did not mind because my mom did everything for me. Fed me, cleaned me, made sure I did not get lost…everything.

But as me and my brothers got older, that stopped. Right around the middle of December when the snows had come, it was time to go outside to do our business. Early on, my people dad could carry all six of us out at once — we were that small. But as we got bigger, there were other methods. The funny one was when he would put us all in a laundry basket and take us out. When it was time to go back in, we would be picked up one at a time and put in the basket. My brothers and I would take turns knocking over the basket to escape. You should have seen him chasing all around the yard.

Here is a picture of us when my people dad carried three of us. That’s me on the right

I mentioned earlier that I was born on Thanksgiving and that meant that 8 weeks later, there were decisions to be made. My people mom & dad told us that they could not make it work to keep all 6 of us. It’s sad that my family would be split up but we all had to deal with change.

Did I say that my people mom & dad are way cool? They told us that they make sure that we all had great homes and that if all possible, all of us would be close.



And that worked out to be true. They found a family across the street, down the street and close family friends that would come over often – and that meant that we could get together often yea!

This photo shows the cutes girl that was able to take Dino. Their parents gave her the best Christmas presents ever – especially since she never thought she could have a dog because she has allergies. Did I tell you that Golden Doodles are hypoallergenic and don’t shed?

Do you like baths? I don’t. They make me look silly. I don’t get regular baths like you do. I have to get in the car, go to a store, wait in a cage. Then they dunk me in a tub and rub, rub, rub me down with a towel. Ok, not so bad so far. But wait.

Then they hook me up to this thing that I can only look forward, no sitting down, no scratching. I’m at their mercy. Then buzz, buzz, buzz. They got this clipper thing they cut me with — buzz, buzz, buzz. Off goes my hair, here and there. Then they brush, brush, brush. They poof and fluff my coat. What for, I just want to roll in the mud…roll in the mud.

Do you like to camp? I love to camp! There is so much to do. First, you get to go in the car! Did I say car? With the window down, wind in my face, yea, car!

Then the trailer. It is so cool. It is kinda tiny in there. I get to be so close to my people mom and dad. They pet me, hug me, and cuddle me. And when it is time to go to sleep, I have my own fold down couch.

But the best thing about camping is being outside in the wood. There are chipmunks to chase, a river to jump in, trails to run. It is so cool.

The first time I saw a river was when I was camping. I had no idea what it was. I was scared because I saw my reflection and did not know if it was another dog or what. When I put my foot down and it went through, oh WOW! I have loved rivers ever since.

Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel! Mom, did you see the squirrel? Bark. Bark. Bark. I want to get the squirrel.

I was laying down next to the glass door leading to the backyard and I saw the squirrel. My barking got my people dad’s attention and he opened the door.

Bark. Howell. Bark. Howell. Bark. My back legs were spinning on the floor but I wasn’t moving. Finally, I got some traction and I was off – building speed, going faster and faster as I hit the grass.

The squirrel was on the bird feeder and in my sight. I dived into the air and landed flat on my face. One minute the squirrel was in my sights, the next he was gone. Up a tree, out of my reach. Made me mad especially when he started laughing. Have you ever heard a squirrel laugh? Kuk…Kuk…Kuk… I don’t like it when squirrels laugh at me.