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As a photographer, I am always looking for the perfect image to shoot. Hopefully, I have captured one that evokes an emotion in you and you can find it here.

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Three Sisters

Three Sisters is the first release from my November 2018 trip to Elephant Hills, Thailand. 

These sisters are Asian elephants—smaller and lighter than their African counterparts. The white areas on their trunk and ears reflect the unique pink color that increases with age in this species. The image shows the sisters playing in a pond on the Elephant Hills preserve—something they do every day. Take a close look at their eyes. They tell you how happy the elephants are—a testament to the excellent care they receive at Elephant Hills.

The Watchman

In May, I had the pleasure to take my Airstream down to Southern Utah and experience first hand, Zion National Park. When researching photos of other great photographers, the one that looked like the greatest challenge to capture  was The Watchman

After my 10 hour drive from Boise, I went to bed early and got up while it was still dark. I had not been to Zion before and all I could see was the stars and shadows of the massive peaks. As dawn approached, I was in the right place to capture this classic shot.


The Big Apple

Having grown up in NYC, it is always a treat to go back. I had the pleasure to take my wife on a Circle Line Cruise on a crystal clear day. This view was not the same one I remember growing up. In those days, the Twin Towers dominated the skyline. I was very lucky to have sipped cocktails on the top floor and even, yes it’s hard to believe, get on the catwalks of the roof of the 102 story tower.

Grabbing the later tour, we hit the sunset cruise where we could see the shine of the new age pyramids.